“I am a professional juggler and canoe handler.  I recently decided to add a canoe to my tight rope and juggling act.  I went directly to the source.  I worked with Alan Hempstead on specifications and Terri Dactile hand carved all of my required modifications.  My canoe is made from Birch, Redwood, and elephant tusk.  Additionally, it is flame retardant and it looks great.  When I am 90 feet in the air traversing cold unforgiving air on a razor thin tight rope I’m not going to trust just any canoe…I’m going to trust a large canoe.”

 – Barry Dugan (Fulton, Kentucky)

“I have been to the Boundary Waters, the Great Lakes, the Florida Everglades and the Caribbean, not to mention a great number of rivers and streams.  The canoe I purchased from www.largecanoes.com has handled every location with the same nimbleness and agility as it did when she was delivered.  I’ve been down Class 5 Rapids, bounced off of numerous rocks and brushed alligators.  Again, the canoe today looks like it came right of the Master Whittlers bench.  I cannot speak highly enough for the quality of canoe delivered from www.largecanoes.com.”

– Steven Brewster (Winchester, Nevada)